Magnetic Health Boxer Shorts

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Britain VK Vince Klein is called the intelligent underpants is the centralism, UK and US, Japan, France and Germany and so on multi-country apex technology, Union pathology, channels and collaterals study, function genomics, magnetic physical therapy study, human body engineering, material study 35 world senior expert lasted many years.

Careful development high-level gentleman physiology special-purpose underpants.

May to reproductive systems and so on the prostate gland, testicle carry on 24 hours all-weather to protect, protect the male the golden triangle the physiological health, and does not have any side effect. Has the very good control action, to improves the function and the endocrine aspect has the prominent effect.

The British health trousers, have realized the intelligent control, the intelligent conduction, the intelligent message, the intelligent adjustment biological wave guide intelligence technology for the first time, and makes the unprecedented progress, already started the world masculine underwear revolution the third tide. Expert advice: if possible, please buy 3 pieces at one time, 3 pieces = one is in wearing + one need cleaning + one in stock So as to ensure uninterrupted wear.